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Office and laboratory

TM Technik s. r. o.
Křižíkova 70
Brno 612 00 


+420 515 500 711

Main office

TM Technik s. r. o.
Dornych 54/47
Brno 617 00 


CRN: 26889927
TIN: CZ26889927

Account no.: 1161416001/5500
IBAN: CZ72 5500 0000 0011 6141 6001

File number: C43716 kept at the Regional Court in Brno


Lenka Sobolová

Calibration Laboratory

+420 515 500 715
+420 733 208 132

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Alexandr Pacal

Sales Department

+420 603 516 030

Kristýna Pietropaolo

Obchodní oddělení

+420 515 500 717 
+420 737 990 214 

Julie Mikeťuková

Obchodní oddělení

+420 515 500 719
+420 605 816 430

Martin Šeplavý

Service Department

+420 736 473 790

Dušan Rybár

Service Department

+420 730 870 194

Renata Hořáková


+420 734 446 703

About the company

TM Technik has been on the Czech business-technical market for 15 years, engaging in modern length measuring instruments and technologies for engineering. It cooperates with the manufacturing and development facilities and laboratories of many leading industrial companies.

The company was established to provide technical solutions, products and services for continuous quality control. Since it began, it has continued to gain and make use of experience in various industrial sectors.

At the beginning, the company provided comprehensive services in sales of gauges and measuring systems as well as calibration to help address customers’ operational challenges. An accredited calibration laboratory was gradually built and equipped and has since been a reliable partner in checking and maintaining various types of gauges for 13 years.

TM Technik wants to familiarize its customers with modern technologies from abroad, so it has found partners in the UK, Germany, Italy and France and started representing them in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The service group has also expanded to provide methodological and technical support for supplied products, preventive maintenance services, installations and repairs of measuring machines, including original spare parts supply.

The company carries out specialized professional activities, such as training for gauge users, consultancy on calibration and metrology, or customized measurement services, either directly at the customer’s or its own premises. To this end, it has built a convenient measurement centre, which is equipped with state-of-the-art coordinate measuring machines for touch and non-contact measurement.

TM Technik is part of a holding organization made up of companies that provide products for quality control, measurement and also sheltered workshops. The holding employs more than 500 core employees from various professional backgrounds.

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