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Custom measurement

Custom measurement on 3D coordinate measuring machines, a CNC multi-sensor coordinate machine, a mobile 7 axis measuring arm—all at our measurement centre. We offer dimensional measurements according to drawing documentation and by comparing components with 3D models. Measurements for sampling purposes, FMEA, data processing for SPC, etc. Measuring control fixtures and jigs, including subsequent adjustment and repair. Reverse engineering to repair moulded parts and forms that lack CAD data.


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Parameters of the measuring devices we use

Wenzel LH 1210

A CNC portal coordinate measuring machine with motorized indexable head and SP25M scanning probe. Measuring range:  200 x 2 500 x 1 000 mm, accuracy: 2.2 + L/350 (μm), max. weight of part measured: 3500 kg.

CNC multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine (combination of a fixed touch probe and camera). Measuring range: 300 x 300 x 200 mm, accuracy: 2+L/100 (μm) max. weight of part measured: 25 kg.

CNC portal coordinate measuring machine with indexable measuring head. Measuring range: 640 x 600 x 500 mm, accuracy: 2.9+L/250 (μm), max. weight of part measured: 500 kg.

Mobile 7 axis measuring arm. Measuring range: 2500 mm, volumetric accuracy: 34 μm.

MAHRSURF XR1. Workstation for measuring roughness
Stationary roughness measurements. Over 80 parameters for R, P, W profiles according to current ISO/JIS standards. Sensing length: 56 mm.

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