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Our service department provides all warranty and post-warranty service on the products we deliver. We provide training in operating measuring instruments (3D, 2D, arms, leak testers, altimeters, etc.) as well as installation and calibration. If required, our technicians can be contacted for rapid solutions to customer requests.


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Instrument servicing

  • Aberlink – 3D coordinate measuring devices.
  • Baty – multi-sensor and 2D camera measurement systems.
  • Tomelleri – measuring arms.
  • JW Fröhlich – devices to check for leaks – leak testers.
  • Mahr – hand gauges, altimeters, roughness gauges and more.
  • Mitutoyo - hand gauges, altimeters, roughness gauges and others.
  • Microtech – hand gauges.
  • Others – we repair all other measuring instruments supplied by us.

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