Accredited calibration laboratory

We will take care of your gauges from A to Z

The calibration laboratory is accredited by the Czech Institute for Accreditation according to ČSN EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018 and is authorized to use the designation "Accredited calibration laboratory No. 2322" in its activities to the given extent.

We perform calibration


In our accredited laboratory


In other laboratories cooperating with us


On site directly on the customer´s premises

Comprehensive care for your gauges

We will provide you with a complete service for most of the gauges we sell. We are ready to advise you at any time regarding the acquisition of new gauges and measuring machines, as well as their control. Our service technicians will be happy to train you according to your specific requirements.

We provide accredited services in the fields




Plane angle


Moment of force




Volumetric flow rate

We also provide other services

Collection of gauges
Service of gauges
Cleaning of all types of instruments
Calibration of gauges for construction
Metrology consultancy
Delivery of calibration sheets in electronic form in cs / en

What is included in the price of calibration

We clean, degrease and adjust the gauges.

We will provide a registration number if it is not already documented by the manufacturer.

At the customer's request, we will provide the instrument with a calibration mark indicating the validity of the calibration.

The calibration sheet can be issued in paper or electronic form .pdf.

We can upload the calibration sheets directly to your Palstat.

We mainly calibrate these instruments

  • calipers (digital / analog)
  • altimeters (digital / analog)
  • micrometers (digital /analog)
  • sett gauges     
  • dial gauges    
  • profile gauges    
  • special gauges
  • microscopes, profile projectors, 3D machines
  • templates, gauges    
  • limit gauges, calibers
  • gauge blocks, calibration balls
  • tape measures    
  • spirit level        
  • angles, protractors, sinus rulers
  • torque wrenches and screwdrivers
  • gauges for construction
  • air flow-meters

In cooperation, we provide calibrations of

  • force gauges - force meters, tensile and compression testers  
  • electrical gauges - multimeters etc. 
  • time meters - stopwatches (digital / analog)
  • weight gauges - scales with automatic and non-automatic operation 
  • temperature meters - thermometers, furnaces, etc.
  • pressure gauges - digital, analog, pressure transducers
  • and others...

We will send you a price list of calibrations on request.

Lenka Sobolová

Head of calibration laboratory

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